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Joe - Nov 1, 2015

If there is one thing I've learned writing blogs post-humorously, it is that you don't really remember what made it so funny to begin with. On this particularly fine August 23rd day of 2015 that I vaguely remember, I seem to have partaken in the automotive equivalent of a watching a tennis match. By which I mean it was mostly sitting around all day, for that 6 minutes of glorious euphoria. Still, it was a lovely day and I certainly couldn't refuse a petrol filled outing in my backyard (disclaimer: not actually my backyard).

In my yet-to-blossom professional racer career, it had occurred to me a few times that my Racibility (TM) is not all that cranked out to be, that much is certain in this video. Typically speaking, in an Autoslolam course, you want your steering to be smooth and your foot nailed to the floor. In my case you can forget about it - steering was jerking this way and that way, and I decided 50% is an appropriate usage of gas all the time. Results do speak for themselves sometimes.

The Good

  • I got a tan
  • I was not dehydrated
  • Car did not overheat despite a clogged radiator

The Bad

  • Acute steering inputs, not cute at all.
  • WOT happened noonce - that stands for "not once".

The Time

Because we are not winning any awards, I'm sticking to raw time. Top time of the day was 52.114 seconds, out of 95 cars - which was quite the showing! My best was 62.544, whopping 10 seconds (or in Miata times, half a century) slower.

Good enough for not finishing last (83/95), let's do better next time.

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