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2014 CIAS

Joe - August 7, 2015

What's a perfectly good thing to do on the Valentine's long weekend? To reaffirm our love for rust buckets of course. While people were busy sucking faces on the fine Saturday morning, I proudly waded into the vortex that is the 41st Canadian International Autoshow.

Alone might I add, season's greeting ya'll.

To be honest, my expectation of this year's show was lackluster at best. In the previous year the headline was dominated by the likes of Corvette Stingray, F-Type, the Toyobaru twins, Ghibli, CLA, Turbo Veloster, CTS etc, and even a refaced Corrolla (you know, if that's your thing). Needless to say, it was a pretty sweet year for the gearheads, what can 2015 offer to one up the behemoth?

Short answer: I don't know and I didn't expect to find out from the show. This was reaffirmed as soon as I walked into the show room where Kia is the located. Looking around for the GT4 Stinger (in glorious yellow) and instead was directed to a 200hp fwd hybrid Provo.

Bummer, but the LED screen headlights were kind of cool I suppose, wonder how many letters can you program to fit in there. Moving on to the neighboring Cadillac stand, where I spent a good 30 minutes examining the CTS sports wagon and far less in the Chevy Volt engined ELR next to it. In all honesty, I can see why people are so worked up about the CTS: sharp style, good power (3L makes 270hp), practical and plenty of rooms to store your 1 friend. Only problem I see is that ghastly electronic parking brake: "buddy can you give me a boost? I need to open my electronic trunk to get to the manual override to release my electronic parking.".

If you squint real hard, it's basically a Prius on diet.

The next 40 minutes were well spent in the Mazda booth looking at the restyled 3s and 6s, and sitting in the pearl white MX-5 for far longer than I would dare to admit while pretending to go through my midlife crisis - with that note, happy 25th birthday Miata! Zoom Zoom

It's a kodo sir, I swear!

Squeezing through the admittedly much larger crowd than I had anticipated, I managed to catch Volvo V60 Wagon in all of its blue glory (enjoy), a red AND white F-Type roadster. Enjoy the following miscellaneous photos of the day, if you manage to find yourself in any of these photos, please have a cookie.

Choose one, I dare you.

The neato concept cars of the future. Lexus LS-LP concept with V-8 hybrid cranking 500+hp can be yours for just below $200,000. While the Nissan (daftly named) "Sport Sedan" look may secretly be inspired from a certain singing chipmunk.

And lastly, some interesting direction the auto industry is headed to. From left to right:

  • An easy Metric-to-English display converter.
  • Hyundai Equus rear seat panel, fully equipped with LCD screen for each of your two annoying kids, impressive number of buttons.
  • Self explanatory
  • One of those knob shifter thingy (to be fair, the actual shifter is that handle)
  • BUT, it's nice to see Mini staying on course:

    What's that? You lost your mechanic's contact?

    Speaking of which, Rover had an awesome display of the innerworks of your favourite land SUV.

    And finally, Sir Wendel Clark himself with an unnamed fan.

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