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More Backlog #2

Joe - Nov 23, 2015

Standard hot lapping at Toronto Motorsports Park (Cayuga) with the new to me Miata (quite possibly the first lapping session I've had with the car). Unfortunately the car had a clogged/corroded radiator at the time so I was constantly overheating and having to cool down.

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Old Videos #1

Joe - Nov 18, 2015

While cleaning up my hard drive I found some of my older racing videos, they're a bit tedious to watch as I attempt to nail down a consistent lap time.

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Joe - Nov 1, 2015

If there is one thing I've learned writing blogs post-humorously, it is that you don't really remember what made it so funny to begin with. Watch me put the pedal to the metal (not really) and set the course ablaze.

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Joe - Oct 29, 2015

Read on as I attemp to carve a green turkey. No puns intended - in fact, no fun at all.

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Joe - August 7, 2015

What an eventful year it has been, sorry for my prolonged absense but I promise you this website shall live on - long and prosper. Yes! Be excited! All 5 of you out there!!

First step of the business, I believe a house cleaning is in order. The layout will be more or less unchanged but sections will be re-worked. I am looking forward to share what I've been up to now and what I am up to later with the whole lot of you!

Therefore, onwards and upwards!

Joe's Home Base
Joe's Home Base



Joe's Home Base